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Mauro, Modena, Italy

Mauro, 66 describes his city of Modena in his own words -"It is a small town in the center of the Po Valley, Italy. It’s famous for its traditional cuisine, for the Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale (it counts a huge number of imitations), Ferrari racing and luxury cars and to be the birthplace of Luciano Pavarotti, one of the greatest Opera singer of all times.This small town is not as famous as many other in Italy and has honestly less architectural treasures as you can find elsewhere but (our jewels have been declared World Heritage anyway) . Here you can visit our main spot but the best memories you will bring with you will come from a walk around the narrow streets of the old town, sitting in a bar and tasting a glass of wine with gnocco fritto and some kind of salami (we have many kind of salami because here transforming pork meat is an art) If you love speed, you can drive a beautiful Ferrari supercar! If you have time you can also go roaming around and enjoy our hills, covered with vineyards of Lambrusco, our local wine."

Mauro with the Cathedral and bell tower in the background

Best time to visit?

April, May, June, September

Must try local dishes?


Tortelloni di ricotta


Zampone (fresh sausage made from pork, fatback, and pork rind)

Cotechino(Italian charcuterie product, similar to salami), Gnocco fritto (fried dough parcels)

Tigelle (round shaped bread)



Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale (Balsamic Vinegar)

Maccheroni al pettine con ragù

Your city's most popular tourist spot?

Duomo, Ghirlandina tower and Piazza Grande (all in the same place – UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Osteria Francescana (no. 1 World Restaurant 2016)

Palazzo Ducale

Casa Museo Pavarotti (the famous Opera singer)

Casa Museo Ferrari in Modena

Museo Ferrari in Maranello (15km from Modena)

Any favorite local place or spot you would recommend to a visitor in your city?

Acetaia Leonardi

Acetaia Giusti

Biological Farm Hombre

Maserati historical cars main collection

Wine farm Chiarli (

Traditional restaurants - cheaper than no. 1 World restaurant and fully traditional

Walking the city center with curious eyes

Important local phrases

Ciao! (Hello!/ Bye)

Come stai? (How are you?)

Sto bene, grazie (I’m fine, thank you!)

Grazie (Thank you!)

Prego (Your welcome)

Per favore… (Please)

Dove è…? (Where is?)

Arrivederci! (See you!)

Quanto costa? (How much?)

Costa troppo… (Too expensive)

Scusa! (Sorry!)

Buongiorno (Good morning)

Buon pomeriggio (Good afternoon)

Buona notte (Good night)

Buono!! (Good!!Yummy!!)

Cattivo (Bad)

Ristorante, Trattoria, Osteria (Restaurant)

Mi piace (I like)

Non mi piace (I don’t like)

Safety Precautions/Reminders/tips for travelers?

Modena is a safe town, no special attention is required. Keep your bag closed and close to you. That's all!

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