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In a world where people are obsessed with buying new things and showing off their possessions, there's a special group of folks who find joy in collecting random and seemingly insignificant objects. They're called "pickers" and they have a talent for discovering hidden treasures and giving forgotten items a new lease on life.

What makes a picker's journey so exciting is their knack for spotting potential in old and worn-out stuff. Whether it's a a religious relic, a beat-up piece of narra furniture, or even a vintage Ronald McDonald statue, they see the beauty in these items that others might overlook. With their skilled hands or by teaming up with artisans, they transform these seemingly worthless finds into functional or decorative pieces that fit right into our modern world. This process not only adds value to the items but also gives pickers a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and creativity.

Pickers are truly one-of-a-kind in the world of collectors and enthusiasts. They're all about unearthing hidden stories, preserving history, and bringing back feelings of nostalgia. Their passion for the random reminds us that even the most mundane things can hold incredible discoveries. So, next time you see a picker enthusiastically sorting through a pile of seemingly worthless stuff, take a moment to admire the magic they create by giving new life to the old and forgotten.

We had the privilege to meet John Henry Ocoma, a Picker from San Pedro Laguna, who shared his unique experiences, motivations, and the enchanting appeal of his unconventional hobby.


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