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Casa San Pablo

For its historical sites and endearing beauty, San Pablo City in the Philippine province of Laguna is a popular local destination. The seven lakes and the charming buildings that highlight the city's rich history and culture are just a few of San Pablo City's top attractions.

Located in the heart of the city you’ll find Casa San Pablo, a serene bed and breakfast haven that may relax your mind and spirit from the worries of daily life. Owners Boots Alcantara and his wife An have been transforming the family complex since 1997 into what it is today: tastefully appointed lodgings, a café offering home-cooked comfort dishes from Laguna, a swimming pool (which was recently transformed into Van Gogh’s Starry Night ), meeting spaces, and an art barn. All of which have a historical Filipino motif with a modern style and artistic flair.

The view from the outside is the nicest feature of the entire compound, in addition to how cozy it seems. It is pleasant to be surrounded by greenery with the calming sound of rustling leaves on the trees and chirping birds that provide you a chance to get in touch with nature.You would have the impression that you were going back in time while you were there. The atmosphere and local cuisine were clearly a taste of home—comfortable, warm, and nostalgic.

If you are seeking to take a break from the stress of the metro, Casa San Pablo is a great place to escape to and stay for that peace and quiet you are looking for.


Casa San Pablo Cafe

They offer comfort meals and straightforward family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Additionally, they make authentic brick oven pizzas that are a must try. Click here for their menu.




They offer different types of accommodations . From single occupancy to room for 5 guests. All accommodations include the usual modern amenities and a complimentary breakfast.



They have different packages for any event - whether it's for a wedding, a romantic dinner, conference meeting or team building .

For inquiries or to make a reservation:

0917 8126687



You can do a lot of things at Casa San Pablo while you're there, including exploring the seven lakes, touring lovely nineteenth-century homes, visiting churches, dining at nice restaurants, practicing native cooking, making and painting clay figurines, participating in organic farming courses, and much more.


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Casa San Pablo

Gomez compound, Colago Avenue Barangay San Roque, San Pablo City Laguna

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