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Reena Gabriel

When I was a kid, I found a box full of love letters that my Dad had composed for my Mom. I was amused to read all the cheesy lines my Dad had written back then but most of all I really appreciated the calligraphy that he used in those letters. I love the fact that people back in those days put so much effort in writing and creating romantic love letters, not only expressing their thoughts and feelings, but showing passion and creativity in their penmanship as well. It makes me wonder if in today’s digital age of emails and text messages, do young people still put that much effort into their letters? (If they still make any at all). For awhile, calligraphy was put aside in favor of computers and the thousands of fonts available on the internet. These days though, with the demand for beautiful, unique and personalized calligraphy on the rise (especially for weddings!), some members of the new generation are bringing this art back to life. One of those people is a friend of mine, Reena Gabriel.

When we were in high school, Reena and I would exchange letters showcasing our different lettering styles because we both had a shared appreciation for beautiful calligraphy even at a young age. These days, Reena who is working as a wedding planner for Bride’s Maids and Co. also takes on calligraphy projects for people in need of that personal touch. After rekindling her love for calligraphy and illustration in 2014 and with much practice and artistic effort, Reena has transformed her creative outlet and hobby into commissioned projects. Back in the day, people had a better appreciation for beautiful penmanship and calligraphy. It’s refreshing and inspiring to know that the art is not lost and on the contrary, is making a comeback. Mostly, I'm happy to know that Reena is doing something she is passionate about.

Reena currently conducts fun calligraphy classes that can be organized for small groups, perfect for occasions such as bridal or baby showers, parties and get-togethers.


Besides Calligraphy, Reena is a wedding planner for Bride's Maids and Co. as well

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