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Robert Rubin

Robert Rubin is a man with many roles. Among them are Author, Occult investigator, Esoteric consultant and all around Paranormal expert. His new book Defensive Occultism, a handbook to Supernatural Self Defense deals with protecting yourself from supernatural forces that can affect your life.

We spoke with Robert and he shares with us some knowledge about his uncommon expertise and we did a quick Q&A with him about third eyes, cleansing a space of unwanted energy, and what the best protection against the unknown is.

What should a person do when they experience hauntings in their home?

Before anything is proclaimed as haunted the first thing you should do is CONFIRM that you have an ACTUAL haunting on your hands. In my paranormal investigation classes, I make it a point to inform my students that their job is to study ghosts and not create them. In many cases people will claim that their homes are haunted when in fact it can just be a problem with the energy and thus a simply cleansing will do, or they are in a place where the phenomeon can be clearly explained logically. If however you have a very strong reason to believe that your home has been subject to a haunting I suggest the following:

• Use sage to ward off any unwanted energies in the room

• Use a singing bowl or even a bell or chime to disperse any unwanted thought forms

• If you can ask your local church to do a blessing to give you more peace of mind

• If you really need it ask a professional to come and do cleansing/Ritual work to space clear and or protect your home from future intrusions (just be sure to get a reputable professional since this option can be flooded with many con-artists)

What causes a house to be haunted?

There are several reasons why a haunting can occur in a place. However, if we are going to stick to a textbook meaning of haunting (hence the presence of a ghost/Dead spirit) it can range from the deceased not being aware they have transitioned, to even being caused by a place where intense emotional energy was released (In most cases murder or heinous crimes). In other cases, the invitation of haunted "objects" into the household can of course be an entry point to an actual haunting. So I highly suggest that people take proper precautious especially when considering the purchase of antiques.