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Robert Rubin

Robert Rubin is a man with many roles. Among them are Author, Occult investigator, Esoteric consultant and all around Paranormal expert. His new book Defensive Occultism, a handbook to Supernatural Self Defense deals with protecting yourself from supernatural forces that can affect your life.

We spoke with Robert and he shares with us some knowledge about his uncommon expertise and we did a quick Q&A with him about third eyes, cleansing a space of unwanted energy, and what the best protection against the unknown is.

What should a person do when they experience hauntings in their home?

Before anything is proclaimed as haunted the first thing you should do is CONFIRM that you have an ACTUAL haunting on your hands. In my paranormal investigation classes, I make it a point to inform my students that their job is to study ghosts and not create them. In many cases people will claim that their homes are haunted when in fact it can just be a problem with the energy and thus a simply cleansing will do, or they are in a place where the phenomeon can be clearly explained logically. If however you have a very strong reason to believe that your home has been subject to a haunting I suggest the following:

• Use sage to ward off any unwanted energies in the room

• Use a singing bowl or even a bell or chime to disperse any unwanted thought forms

• If you can ask your local church to do a blessing to give you more peace of mind

• If you really need it ask a professional to come and do cleansing/Ritual work to space clear and or protect your home from future intrusions (just be sure to get a reputable professional since this option can be flooded with many con-artists)

What causes a house to be haunted?

There are several reasons why a haunting can occur in a place. However, if we are going to stick to a textbook meaning of haunting (hence the presence of a ghost/Dead spirit) it can range from the deceased not being aware they have transitioned, to even being caused by a place where intense emotional energy was released (In most cases murder or heinous crimes). In other cases, the invitation of haunted "objects" into the household can of course be an entry point to an actual haunting. So I highly suggest that people take proper precautious especially when considering the purchase of antiques.

Please explain what occultism is. What should people be aware of?

Simply put Occultism is the study of the hidden, so topics that are obscure to human studies such as the paranormal, magick, tarot, energy healing, intuition, past live, astral projection etc all fall under the category of the Occult. This word is not to be confused with the word CULT which is a group of people worshiping an obscure god.

Things people can do to protect their homes from the supernatural?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. With this being said start off by practicing smart energetic living habits such as: not bringing negative energy into your house by being careful who you invite within, or what things you purchase. Also for Catholics the good old Saint Benedict's Medallion if blessed by a priest is a very effective tool in warding off evil.

What are your thoughts about Feng Shui?

Very VERY helpful in increasing prosperity and well being in ones home. But not effective in addressing supernatural problems most of the time. Remember a home can have PERFECT Feng Shui but be haunted and or demonically infested, or a home can have a perfect feeling of well being but the prosperity energy of the home is dull. A combination of both is usually recommended. Furthermore go to a very respected and authentic Feng Shui consultant like Joey Yap or Stephen Skinner internationally (If you can afford them) or Johnson Chua locally… And avoid going to just anyone who slaps his or her name all over the place claiming to be a Feng Shui practitioner/master.

Can you explain your abilities? What is it like living a normal life with having these abilities?

I’m just a man trying to make a positive difference in this world. Everything I do, I do for my family then for the Mysterium community. Be it as a Tarot reader, Teacher, Hypnotherapist or personal coach. I have been reading the Tarot for over 20 years now and I Have a passion for the study of the supernatural.

What are the most spiritually active places or provinces here in the Philippines?

Off the top of my head: Mt Banahaw, Siquijor, Mt Cristobal, and Capiz but for education Metro Manila’s got it.

How can normal people (closed 3rd eye) protect themselves from demonic or spiritual attack?

Anyone claiming to be able to close your third eye Is fooling you. Its like be asking you how can you stop breathing.. It's impossible. Its part of who you are. Instead you can learn to control your gift or your 3rd eye. As for protection I have one suggestion to all FAITH!!! If you have true FAITH in your God then no Demonic or Supernatural attack will ever get through. Even if its done by Lord Voldemort himself. If your faith in your God is stronger than your fear of any enemy then you will never be a victim. The attacks go through only if you LACK faith. As for protective measures I usually recommend practice regular Banishing, Cleansing or grounding before you go to bed. Know also than many supernatural attacks happen because you have given consent. So Mindfullness is always a helpful tool as well.

Top 3 creepiest experience you've ever encountered?

Encountered a possessed person, The Ghost from my tarot reading and being attacked by something evil.

Tell us the book the book that you're working on.

My latest book is entitled THE INTUITIVE WITHIN: A Handbook for Intuitive Self Discovery. Within the pages of the Intuitive within you will be given powerful yet effective tools and exercises meant to filter out anything that does not correspond to your personal truth, while celebrating that which is true within you. In order to make your truth, passions and expressions more in alignment with your own “intuitive self” and making your inner truths more and more of a reality every day.

So you think you’ve had a Supernatural experience?

By Robert Rubin

Rewind to the year 1996.. The word supernatural, was synonymous with one common phrase “Work of the Devil”,“Satanic”, or even worst “evil” And why not?? During this time the internet was just coming out of its cradle and the information about these topics was limited to a very select few number of passionate scholars. The term Ghost Hunting, or even Paranormal Investigator was still considered quackery and the entire concept of being Intuitive or better yet psychic was rare. People had only one source of guidance in terms of these topics and in most cases it was limited to religious leaders. But with the advent of the information technology age, people have had the one resource they never had before in terms of these topics. They were given the factual information of these topics and were in effect given the power to choose on their own if these sorts of phenomenon were in fact part of their lives. As a result more and more people have claimed to at one time or another experienced a form of supernatural phenomenon. Be it as common as encountering a ghost, or being in the midst of what many of us call a Spiritual emergence (We will talk more on this later on). With all this being said, people around the country have began to notice that their proverbial “3rd eye” was active and that some selectly gifted people were becoming more sensitive to the energies around them an to the unseen world. Welcome to the world of Supernatural experiences! It’s not as un-common as you think because unlike before more people are not only encouraged but even empowered to explore their intuitive gifts unlike before. When before priests and clergymen would warn that the presence of such gifts were omens of evil, in this wonderful age people and organizations exists to help others understand that they are not “going crazy” or “possessed” but are in fact awakening intuitively. So the most obvious question is? What are some signs that this is happening to you? Lets get straight to it!

1) You are more sensitive to ENERGY than ever before and more than most people. In cases like this, you will find yourself being a bit selective as to where you go, or whom you are with. In all honesty this will be apparent in the fact that your personal vibration will only resonate towards people who are also sensitive to the spirit world. It may have been a reality all your life or it can happen at one spur of the moment. If you find yourself wanting to contemplate and or meditate more, Or if you find yourself going away from things of vice then you may be experiencing a spiritual intuitive awakening. Want to know a good test of this? Try entering a casino. If you feel drained and weakened after being inside. There is a statistical chance your picking up unwanted energy from that place.

2) You straight up see, hear, sense, feel, or can even communicate with the unseen such as ghosts, spirits, elementals etc. Wrongly called an “Having a Third eye” (Since everyone has one!) this is the experience an awakening. In cases like these your intuitive gifts are so sensitive you can perceive the unseen world. From the presence of the recently departed, to the emotions of the elemental beings in the area. In cases like this we recommend such individuals learn to control their talent to so that they can learn to active and if need be pause their gift for their own piece of mind. Many of the Paranormal experiences that people have had were in fact results of an active 3rd eye and thus can constitute the source

3) You have an over all heightened sense of empathy towards others and to the world as a whole Not just being philanthropic but borderline saintly in a world of sinners. When you honestly and truly recognize the divinity in all beings you may find yourself taking a vow of non-violence, converting to a Plant based diet from a meat based one. Or even taking a higher role in the growth of your community or communities you feel are close to your heart. In a case like this your existence becomes less about yourself and more about what you can do for others. Although the list can go on and on I’ll bet that more than one of the readers here have experienced one of these phenomenon in their lives. And as a result it shows to us there may be more “Intuitively” Awakened people around than we previously gave it credit for. Showing to us that you are not as crazy as most people would have made you previously think. And as a result showing the wonderful uniqueness in your intuitive gifts!

A Tarot reading and an Unexpected guest.

By Robert Rubin

I usually take a lot of joy in reading the tarot for people. It’s one of the things in this world that has really changed my life. I’ve met so many amazing people and made so many great friends in both reading and teaching the tarot that I have already come to terms with the fact that I will be doing this until my last days in this world. There was one reading though however that I’ll never forget. And up to this day. I will consider the creepiest of them all. I was doing the tarot for a friend of mine who lived in La Vista village here in Quezon City, and since their friend of mine (lets call her Angel) was one of my more preferred clients I didn’t mind going to their home to conduct sessions for their enthusiastic family members. We were instructed to do the session in the family den, which was lovely modern study full of books, electronics and was fully air-conditioned. Needless to say this was a comfortable place for me to read for *Angel* and her family and I was quite frankly enjoying. After reading for 4 relatives it was Angel’s turn to get her reading and we had the room to ourselves. When the strange things began to happen. I noticed that the Air Conditioner was strangely turning on, then off, then on then off. This happened a total of 7 times before Angel decided to get the remote and manual set the AC to constantly on. However at this point things got even more strange. The Windows in the room began to fog up, and since the door way to the house was a lovely French panel door, the heat in the outside and the increased cold inside the room cause the panels to completely fill with mist. No strange thing there since that’s just common physics. However… I observed one Panel was fully fogged and paid it no attention. Returning to my reading for Angel 5 minutes later I looked at the door and was shocked at what I saw…. A HANDPRINT of a what seemed to be a chilled hand. Just appeared out of NOWHERE on the panel… I asked Angel curiously. “was that there earlier??” she quickly said NO she didn’t notice it. Looking again ANOTHER hand print APPEARED before our very eyes, this time in a swiping motion. As if someone ran their fingers across the glass. Needless to say, we were not ALONE. Remember my experience and study in this topic I was quick to show respect to whatever this was that was now in our presence. I quickly said “Friends tayo!!” or roughly translated from my broken tagalog as “Hey there!! Let’s be friends ha!!”. What happened next just confirmed our experience. Since next to us was an empty leather sofa. we both literally heard the sound someone/thing makes when they sit down on a sofa and saw the sofa INDENT as IF SOMEONE/THING was sitting there. Needless to say this was enough to unease Angel and we left the room. Explaining to others what happened and how we were both amazed with this phenomenon, her mother in law quickly yet angrly asked.. “What the HELL did you do to make this happen??!!” I was quick to say I did nothing but read the tarot?? She refuted with. “But how the hell can this house be haunted it’s BRAND NEW!!!!??”” My answer to her was “yes Ma’am the House is indeed brand new but the LAND is not!” Now I’ll bet you all wonder why did this happen? Answer is simple enough, the lands in the La Vista area of QC are rich with lore about Elemental, and even paranormal activity, and with the constant increase of energy being done by the practice of the Tarot the spirit(s) were thereby attracted and alerted and thus they attempted to make contact with us. Morale of the Story: if you’re going to do tarot readings or any intuitive activity. Do it somewhere you know you are safe and that have the necessary protective measures in place. If you want to know more about this feel free to read by book Defensive Occultism.

A newcomers guide to self-Cleansing your home.

By Robert Rubin

Think you got what it takes?? Then more power!!

Cleansing your home of unwanted energies and emotions is not something that needs to be expensive. With a few tricks and concepts you can space clear your home/working area and rid it of anything unwanted on a basic level. Now this guide is meant just for a very basic cleansing and is not intended to be used in lieu of a blessing by a clergyman or an over all banishing/Ritual protection of a professional. So no cast out of Demons and ghosts in this how to guide!

Step 1:

Determine what is the issue your home is dealing with (and don’t be quick to labeling your home as haunted!) Don’t mush everything into one category and say that just because your home feels weird its immediately haunted! Because this is not always the case. Your home can have several problems that have zero to do with the restless dead which include:

• Stagnant energy

• Bad Feng Shui

• Bad Chi- Circulation

• Thought-forms

• And so on and so forth

All which do not classify as a haunting. So if for example There’s a room in your house that you don’t feel comfortable in, and you always feel let’s say ANGRY when you enter then chances are your dealing with either stagnant energy or thought forms and not necessarily a ghost.

Step 2:

Your best friends, Sound Water and fire and Salt! With the exception of Feng shui many of the previous phenomenon can be address with a space clearer’s basic tools of Sage sticks, Singing Bowls and Holy Water. To start off with, begin by closing all doors within the room you feel is most affected and burn just enough sage to fumigate the room. This helps ward of unwanted entities since they don’t like sage smoke (Read more about that yourself!) When done you may use the singing bowl to disperse any thought forms of stagnant emotions in the room. This is extra helpful and recommended to be done on a regular basis. Lastly you can use Salt and Holy water mixed together to trace seals of your chosen spiritual/religious beliefs on your walls, doors etc. to make sure unwanted things STAY out after you’ve cleansed the place.

Step 3:

If you don’t necessary NEED to cleanse EVERY place on the property. My rule of thumb is. If people don’t go sleep there you can leave it alone. Toilets, closest, etc. are not places people sleep or are vulnerable in and can be passed up. You may find yourself rather exhausted after a basic cleansing so I recommend only doing the bedrooms and living quarters of any house you are cleansing to conserve energy and time.

Step 4:

Where wind blows energy flows. Wind/Chi/Energy all follow the same dynamic. If there is not good circulation in a room then the chi can get trapped thus causing energetic congestion, which can seem like a heavy feeling. Ideally all windows and doors should be opened for at least 1 hour a day to let natural wind and light circulate throughout the home. And if there is a room that has the AC on for 24 hours a day and never opens the windows then it’s YOUR job to open them. These are death traps in terms of chi since the energy has no way to enter or exist and thus becomes stale and unhealthy

Step 5:

You can not handle ALL cleansings yourself. Basic cleansings after a stressful periods in life are fine but if you feel you are under attack by a malevolent spirit or are being cursed by a Black magickian or worse are the subject to the anger of natural spirits like Duende’s and such this goes beyond your pay grade and it’s a good time to find a reliable profession to come to your aide. Know that is just a brief suggestion and should never take the place of a trained practitioner in times of actual emergency.

About the Author: Author of Defensive Occultism, a handbook to Supernatural Self Defense, Robert Rubin has an undergraduate degree in the Fields of Mass Communication and Political Sciences, as well as taken Masteral courses in Conflict and Reconciliation studies from the University of Saint La Salle. Rob has worked as one of the four Lead Paranormal Investigators for GMA 7’s Misteryo, discussing topics ranging from possession to intuition and has also been featured in shows such as Imbestigador, Matanglawin, Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, Sweet Life with Lucy Torres, and many others. He currently works as a professional esoteric consultant, helping people make the proper decisions in their life by providing alternative routes and discussing potential outcomes. Rob is also a passionate advocate of responsible teaching and application of the esoteric arts and holds his classes and workshops in the Mysterium Learning Center in Quezon City. (

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James 4:7 - "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."


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