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Daher, Mrah El Hbas, Lebanon

Located off the idyllic coastlines of the mediterranean sea, Lebanon is a small country in western Asia whose historical and present state are both known for their cultural and religious diversity. With glamorous beaches, world-renowned cuisine, a vibrant nightlife and famously hospitable people, Lebanon is an exciting destination for the seasoned traveler. Daher lets us in on some tips on how to get the most out of your visit to Lebanon.

Daher in Baatara gorge sinkhole, found in Tannourine, Lebanon

Best time to visit?

If you like beach or pool parties and hot weather, summertime is between June to September. If you like to ski and the snow, winter time is in February and March.

Must try local dishes?

Taboule (Finely chopped tomatoes, parsley, mint, onion seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice)

Fattoush (Mixed greens with lemon-garlic dressing)

Hummus (Mashed chickpeas and garlic with tahini, olive oil and lemon juice)

Moutabal (Roasted eggplant dip)

Baba Ganoush (Cooked eggplant with tahini and olive oil)

Vine Leaves (Stuffed grapevine leaves)

Mixed Grill Lebanese Way

Sanbousek (Fried pie with meat, feta cheese, onions and parsley as filling)

Kibbeh (National dish of Lebanon - a croquette stuffed with meat, bulgar, onions and pine nuts)

Cheese Roll (Fried mozzarella and feta cheese)


Your city's most popular tourist spot?

Byblos (UNESCO World Heritage Site)



Down Town Beirut (Beirut Central District)



Any favorite local place or spot you would recommend to a visitor in your city?

The Cedars

Important local phrases

Marhaba (Hello)

Maa Al Salama (Goodbye!)

Keefak (How are you?)

Shukran (Thank you!)

Steer Ghale (It's expensive)

Bade Rouh Oshar (I want to go clubbing)

Otchan (I am thirsty)

Jouaan (I'm hungry)

Bade Ekol (I want to eat)

Bade Ochrab May (I want to drink water)

Wasolne Ala ... (Take me to... )

Kteer Helo (So beautiful)

Yalla Norkos (Lets' dance!)

Safety Precautions/Reminders/tips for travelers:

Always take a private cab and make sure you don’t take just any cab. Make sure it is registered with a company where you can see the sign or the logo on the car. If it’s the local Taxis, they must have a red plate. Don’t go far away south and don’t go far away deep north of Lebanon. Stay within the city and the popular sites. Make sure you pay in US Dollars and they pay you back in US Dollar also. You can use US dollar in most of the places. If you’re in a tourist place, haggle. Don’t just pay and go! If you want to party and go clubbing, don’t just buy a drink, buy a bottle because it is cheaper.

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