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Lilia, Kyiv, Ukraine

One of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, Kyiv in Ukraine proudly wears its history on it's sleeve. Once the pioneer of civilization in Eastern European, Kyiv's present day version of itself is young and modern but stays strongly rooted in it's culture. Lilia gives us some insight on how best to spend your time when travelling to Kyiv.

Lilia in Vozdvyzhenska street

Best time to visit?

I would say the best time to visit Kyiv is from April to October, however, if you are not afraid of cold winter weather, you are welcome to visit us during a snowy season.

Must try local dishes?

Borsch (traditional Ukrainian soup)

Salo (lard, raw bacon with garlic, herbs and spices)

Varenyky (a kind of dumplings with a variety of fillings, like cabbage, mashed potato, cottage cheese, mushrooms or sweet ones with cherries)

Chicken Kyiv (chicken roll stuffed with garlic butter and parsley)

Holubtsi (rice with minced meat wrapped in cabbage leaves served with tomato sauce)

For Ukrainian food, you can pay a visit to O'Panas restaurant in the city center, enjoying not only the food, but vivid traditional interior, or Baluvana Galya cafe with contemporary interpretation of local tradition and half-made varenyky to go. Anyway, you will not stay hungry in Kyiv as there are lots of cool places offering Asian and Western cuisine.

Your city's most popular tourist spot?

One of the oldest