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Ian Martinez Sarra had no idea that he has the talent to magically transform junks into something useful and elegant, until his partner suffered a stroke. Thankful that the partner survived, Ian's artistic juices, so to speak, came flowing like a lava from an exploding volcano.

Using the bottles of freshly-juiced vegetables consumed by his partner while recuperating, and after learning how to cut empty bottles by watching Youtube videos, the Vitrum Man was able to come up with his earlier designs which led to his amazing creations now.

And there's no stopping him since then.


Vitrum Upcycled Bottles and Crafts produces beautiful and contemporary tabletop lamps, chandeliers, candleholders and other lighting furniture and fixtures. All our products are made of used materials: from our empty wine bottles which we get from restaurants and bars courtesy of our very good friend, DJ Tina Ryan of DWTM 89.9, to copper wires and whatever useful material we could get from our neighborhood junkshops. We manually cut our glasses. We also manually assemble each design. Each design is unique because we create only one of each kind. We don’t create any duplicate. So, if you’ll be fortunate enough to own one of our products, you will have the privilege of owning a unique creation, with its beauty and elegance unmatched by any other products of similar concept. We are fairly new in the upcycling circle but we manage to create some pretty loud noise. We were recently featured in Rappler, a popular news website based in the Philippines, in an article entitled, "Turning Out-Of-School Youth Into Artisans". A blogger, Ms. Victoria Lago, wrote a piece on us entitled, "Seeing Through Recycled Bottles". The Filipino Channel (TFC), also made a segment about us in its program Obra. TFC caters to Filipinos residing and/or working outside of the Philippines. And CNN Philippines invited us for a live interview in their morning program.


We have no physical shop yet since we only started this business last September 2015 but you can visit our social media pages.

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