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January 21, 2017





The soap story - The making of "The Soap Story" all began with a mother's great love for her son. Angelica Jizmundo gave birth to a son named Hadraniel who as a baby had a very sensitive skin. Angel then learned that using handmade natural soaps is an effective cure for her son's skin condition. She then studied about soap making and eventually began creating her own natural handmade soaps. The effectiveness of the latter to Hadraniel led her to desire helping others too. With currently nine variants of soap that Angel has crafted, she aspires special local raw materials to be patronized in our country. Not only does she desire to feature local ingredients, but she also aims to spread awareness of the great health benefits in using handmade soaps. As her soap production continues to increase, she even aims to open job opportunities to those who are unemployed. With the help of God, her loved ones, quality suppliers in and out of the country, and product research and development, Angel continues to envision her business to grow and become a great blessing not only to their own family but to others as well. The soap crafter herself wants the story of this company to make everything beautiful just like her favorite bible verse, Ecclesiastes 3:11. 




Handcrafted Natural Soaps, Hair Pomade, Body Butters





For orders you can send Angelica an email or message her in their Facebook and Instagram accounts.



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