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Singapore, Singapore

Originally founded by the British as a trading post for the East India Company, Singapore has come a long way and is now a central hub for global commerce, technology and finance. With modern architecture, high-tech features and stylish aesthetics, Singapore is a one-of-a -kind city where business and lifestyle culminate in a grand display of distinctly Asian opulence. While wandering the city and its popular spots it's not unusual to be surrounded by expensive sports cars, designer fashion boutiques and restaurants serving the world's best cuisine. While at first you may think that this luxury is all that Singapore has to offer, you will find that the Lion City has more to give than just extravagance. As scintillating as Singapore's Michelin-Star restaurants are, it's hawker stalls are where you will get a taste of the different cultures that merge together in this diverse city. Visit the hawkers at night and see everything come alive. The smell of Singaporean, Malaysian, and Indian cuisine among others will make you want to order another Tiger beer just so you can order more local fare to pair with it.

Explore the city via their ultra-efficient public transport, whether you prefer the subway system for comfort and speed or go sightseeing on the double decker buses that will take you to all the interesting places as well. For those who are in the mood to shop, Singapore has a wide array of shopping centers for any budget, from the high-end boutiques over at Marina Bay Sands to the small flea market shops at Bugis street for more affordable finds.

What makes Singapore so unique is the different people and cultures from around Asia that have made a home there, all with their own identities, yet all of them living in harmony. Also known for their strict rules and regulations, exploring Singapore gives you the feeling of safety, almost entirely due to the Singaporeans' discipline and respect for their laws.

In Singapore you get a sense that everything is new and shiny, yet the people who reside in it fully appreciate and protect the history behind it. Take a walk in any part of Singapore and see signs and plaques commemorating events that happened there during its' colorful past. Colonial buildings sit next to modern developments, but all blend together like a beautifully-designed masterpiece.

If you're looking to experience what a truly developed Asian country feels like, Singapore is definitely the destination you need to check out. With so much to do and see in such a small area, Singapore has something for everyone.

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