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Stamp Travel


Travel means exploring new cities and landscapes, diving headfirst into different cultures and discovering new ways to live. It isn’t just recommended – it’s required to make the most of our time on earth. Such is the beauty of travel. And the travel app Stamp helps make that experience all the richer.

A “Stamp” is defined as “Any advice, tip or recommendation you would want your friend to know when in a specific location.”

And that pretty much sums up what the app does. It allows you to share your experiences and travel tips with your friends in a simple and fun way. Thinking of traveling to a new place? Check out your friends' or other people's stamps. Just discovered a beautiful, and secret spot by accident? Stamp it!

It’s this combination of community and the love of the world that makes Stamp so beautiful. It allows you to discover new secrets and spots that are a ways off from the usual tourist attractions, opening you up to new adventures you’ll never, ever forget.