The Pot Dealer

September 23, 2017



Sometimes, a little pot can go a long way.


The rise in popularity of succulents, smaller plants and cacti have also given rise to people getting creative in where to house them. And so let’s say hello to The Pot Dealer.


34-year old Tanya Hong specializes in pots with faces – quirky, fun and whimsical. These pots are expressive in all the right ways, showing off distinct faces that’ll elevate your desks, office spaces and homes along with the moods of whoever sees them. They’ll scowl at you, smile at you, stare blankly at you – whichever expression you choose.


Created with a fun aesthetic, it’s clear to see that Tanya has a unique, and more importantly, singular vision, that allows The Pot Dealer to stand out amongst not just other pots, but other decor around your home or office. 













Tell us more about The Pot Dealer?


I started The Pot Dealer after being bitten by the pottery bug (it's not real pottery though, since I don't use traditional clays) and upon reaching "Plant Lady" age (haha).












How did your passion for pot making come about?


I took up Fine Arts in college and was always into making stuff with my hands, so it was only natural that I made my own planters out of the materials readily available to me.











Where do you get your inspiration from when working on a piece?


When working on my pots, I draw inspiration from the faces of people on the streets, my friends, or selfies of total strangers I see on IG. And a little from the music I am currently listening to (right now, Phantogram!)








What makes you Happy?


Some of the things that make me happy: discounted gardening books, new plants, time with people and animal friends. 



Photos property of Tanya Hong


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