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November 18, 2017



Tavarua (from the island of Tavarua in Fiji, it's a heart shaped island and Tava was born February 14)




Paw Parent

Jackie and Jay Mitra





Tava, Dudu, Tavava, Puparua





2.9 years old





Belgian Malinois





Female Princess




What's Her Story?

We adopted her from Jay’s cousin, she was the last dog of her litter.





Tava is super friendly, she’s relaxed when we’re at home but super energetic when its time for her to run or play outside. She’s also super smart and protective.  





Adorable behavior

She has a happy bark which she does whenever we’re all home. She never leaves my side, follows me everywhere even till the bathroom. She loves to swim and she’ll always make sure to ask permission from me or Jay if she can go swim when we’re at the beach, she’ll bark and wait for me to say “okay go”. She also loves to cuddle when we sleep.





Annoying Trait

She gets very demanding with me she’ll bark till she gets what she wants. She’s not like that with Jay.





Favorite treat

Strawberry eclair from Paul or vanilla cupcake





Pet's Peeve 

Jay dancing hahaha





Most memorable Pet moment 

It was during her search and rescue training. She zoomed up the side of a 12 - 15 foot ledge without hesitation to get up to where I was, that’s when I knew that our bond was so strong and that made me such a proud paw parent.






 IG https://www.instagram.com/tavaruathemalinois/



Photos property of Jackie Millonado Mitra 


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