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Hello 2018!

It’s the end of the year again, the time when we look back at events that happened in the past year. When we reflect on the experiences that defined 2017, how would we look back at them?

Life can be very busy. As reality bites, we get caught up with "adulting" responsibilities that take up much of our time. Time can go by very quickly during our never-ending pursuit to get things done. Being too focused on our goals along with the routines we put ourselves in, we tend to see things with a very narrow view and forget that there are important things that deserve our attention as well. Relationships, connections, and taking care of your own well-being sometimes take a backseat to other matters which we can decide is more important at the time.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the way we disregard our health. One thing that stuck with me growing up was when one of my teachers told me that as we got older, we would be juggling different aspects of our lives - career, family, social life, etc. Those things, although important to us, are like rubber balls. If you happen to drop one of them, they can always bounce back. But when it comes to juggling health, we must consider that as a glass ball. Once you drop that glass ball and it shatters completely, there’s no piecing that back together.

As we look back to the year that was, let’s try to see past the setbacks and failures we endured and take on the challenge of improving ourselves this coming 2018. A great blessing we are given is that every new day brings another opportunity to make ourselves better.

Let’s say goodbye to our old selves and say hello to 2018 with some brave choices, optimistic enthusiasm and a renewed spirit.

Happy New Year Everybody!


If you could do something you've always wanted to do this coming 2018?

What would it be?


Lorina Tan, 28

Baby CEO of Tiny Buds

At the start of every year, I have this little tradition of picking a word that would define it. 2018 is about JOY. It's the year that I create unforgettable moments & embrace the Joy of doing what I Love.

I'm going to follow 3 Simple Steps to get there:

Date myself - Book a fancy dinner for 1, Heck get myself flowers, coz I'm worth it!

Celebrate my wins - Big or Small, each win has a lesson to teach & a reason to celebrate.

Smile Generously - The world needs more smiles, you can never give too much.


Raul Las Pinas, 42

Architect/ AOW Diver

I always wanted to do cage diving in Australia with great white sharks or go diving in the Great Barrier Reef. With the increasing rate of corral bleaching, it would be awesome to see and experience this natural wonder before it’s gone.


Angelo Balili, 30

VP for Finance, Admin, HR of Questronix Corporation

I have a few things planned out for the coming year that I've never done before. The major one would have to be finally moving out of my parents' home and living on my own. This is something I've always thought of, but never actually got to doing for one reason or another (finances, reluctance to change, leaving my comfort zone, etc). Embarrassingly, I can say that at my not-so-ripe age, I'm finally willing (and able) to make the move. Connected with this would be a lot more firsts such as buying furniture, decorations, and pretty much everything you enjoy in the comforts of your parents' home. On a much lighter side, I'd like to take up new hobbies to help with my fitness such as wall/rock climbing and yoga since I'm starting to get tired of my usual routine. Also, I'd like to be able to travel to a place I've never been to before.



Janesca Laurito, 30

Businesswoman/ Co Founder of Suit Up Philippines

I’ve always wanted to partner with a youth organization or charity and be able to help them (through Suit Up sales as well).

I want to open another business. Something I really love. An on the go coffee truck.

I’ve always wanted to learn yoga and eventually teach if I’m already good at it. I want it to be a weekly routine already.

I am also excited to start a family, make babies by the end of the year!


Ayessa Pineda, 32

Health Coach

In the last 6 months, I have done a lot of the things that I’ve always wanted to do. I am now almost done with nutrition school (woot! 2 more months to go!), I was able to travel, I got to see my parents, I landed a job in my field and I’ve been more financially self-sufficient. Of course there are things I still want to do and that is to travel more. Hopefully I get to see Italy, Spain, Miami, New Orleans, Greece, the Philippines. Lastly, I want to overcome all my fears and take more “me” days.


Lei Laurin, 31

Fly Dubai Cabin Crew

Something I’ve put off for years but like to do in 2018: Repair family relationships and work on resolving all conflict.


Keo Reyes, 33

Head of Manila Contact Centre for Financial Times

A few years ago, a former boss advised me to start thinking about my exit strategy from my salaried life, and the idea didn’t really resonate with me until now. This coming 2018, I plan to take an entrepreneurship course and start a small food business, maybe set up a food cart for some practical learning. Aside from this, I envision myself having a healthier lifestyle by eating right, exercising and going back to playing badminton.


Chili Geslani-Aldana, 34

Corporate English Trainer

I've actually given up on resolutions for the past few years now and especially last year when I was out of it and quite depressed.

But it's never too late to change right? As they say, change is always hard but change is good.

So for 2018 I envision a healthier and more active version of myself. Not for anybody's approval or to look good but to basically take care of the one body that I have. Also, no goal setting since it's not a weight loss challenge but more of wanting to see a positive change physically.

“Don't sweat the small stuff' is something that I really want to put into practice this coming year. Instead of griping, complaining, and overanalyzing the situation, just let it go. The moment will pass. Other people have bigger problems and seriously, nothing good will come out of ranting.

Finally, and maybe the hardest one would be to live a content life. I've caught myself comparing my life (travels, job, lifestyle etc.) to others more often than I'd care to mention last year and I'd feel so guilty afterwards. I know and believe I'm quite blessed with the life I have and being jealous of another person's life is just being ungrateful.

That being said, let's welcome 2018 with open hearts, open minds and a free spirit to achieve all that we want! Cheers!


Ikey Canoy, 37

Content Manager, KidZania Manila

This coming 2018, my top 3 wishes would be:

Travel abroad with my wife and have a proper honeymoon out of the country. Coz my wife (and I) just got into Koreanovelas, why not Korea? Since we got married last Feb, we hadn't had the chance to do that out-of-the-country trip just yet.

Start exercising as a couple and live healthier. It would make my wife so happy to see me actually *want* to work out with her.

Buy a place of our own. Major #adulting move, but a great lifelong investment into our future together.

Finally get a pet dog and cat. And if we finally push thru with our move to a new place that's actually pet friendly, we just might!


Lukus Labrador, 35

e-Commerce Manager

10-Day Vipassana Retreat in Nepal well known as silent retreat.


Jun Garra, 52

Executive Producer, Filmex

What I am today is God’s greatest blessing. My family and friends were witness to the changes that transpired in my life since the time I moved to Manila from my hometown Matnog, Sorsogon. My advertising career gave me a comfortable life and a chance to pursue my dreams of helping my family. Seeing all my grown up “pamangkins” building a career gave me innermost joy.

This 2018, pampering myself to a European tour and a sports car are in the works. Garra Enterprises Square, a small business venture will also rise in our hometown. This is a tribute to my Mother who’s been my inspiration. Giving back is by spending more time with her now. May 2018 fulfill this greatest wish of all.


Rachelle Puno, 35


It would probably be learning how to sew clothes for little girls and women and also to learn more about automotives. I have an eye for detail, I love tinkering, and am somewhat 'OC'. Total opposites, but those two are what interests me so I think I have to focus on those 2 things this coming year. I'd be happy if I could pursue at least one since it's also quite challenging being a mompreneur.

Running an online business, being a hands-on mom, all while being business-minded most of the time means I always seek out and look for opportunities, so much so that I catch myself lacking time.. You know how the saying goes, time is gold? Well now I can prove it's true.


Yei Rae Rho, 33


I would really like to do a road trip around the NZ South Island in 2018, appreciate nature and make spontaneous stops in pretty towns!


Jopie Sanchez

Co Owner of Nawa Philippines and Freelance Makeup Artist

For 2018, I'm thinking of going out of the country for about 2 months just to have a change of scenery. I recently went through something difficult so I need a temporary break just to re-orient myself and move forward from it. My cousin is getting married so I am planning to just extend my stay when I visit them in Canada, maybe head to NY if I have the budget for it. I also plan to get around to writing more and further my creative endeavors whether through writing, painting or photography. I also have a loose plan to maybe take up a workshop on microblading as well.

There's also a visit to Lake Sebu again along with my partner for Nawa to see our suppliers. We try to do that at least once a year just to discuss where we are headed for the rest of it. I also plan to get this tattoo I designed inked around February.

Basically 2018 is just about developing myself further and focusing on work and creative output.


Lea Guinto, 31

BPM Analyst

To be more serious in fitness/healthy living. So I can lose weight and eventually it will be easier for me to conceive.


Jiro Coma, 20


I'd like to finally start my own business this year. I've always thought about it, I just haven't gone around into actually doing something about it. I'd love to start making music again (I'm a DJ/producer). This year has been especially draining, I simply couldn't find time for it. I've also let myself go; 2018, I'm looking to start making my own food again. I haven't done anything but eat Chicken Nuggets from McDonald's this whole year!


Nelson Müller, 32

Arcflow, Inc. General Manager

Visit my relatives in California.


Villa Carado, 34

Business Owner, From Rags to Beaches

Travel Philippines (been wanting to go to Batanes!) and paddle on all the beautiful beaches in Philippines, focus on my bikini business, make baby/ies, join a dragonboat team (again),further studies, be seen on TV (haha), buy a farm and turn it into a vacation house for rent, and freakin reach my toes!


Kristine Ko- Alcasabas, 33


I have been very unwise with money matters, so I hope to save more and invest.


Stanley James Chong, 25

Maker of Krunchy Patatas

I am expecting 2018 to be one of my busiest years since Krunchy Patatas plans to go commercial by the end of 2018 offering a variety of flavored potato chips.

I hope by 2018, I will be able to go on a short vacation with the whole family including my parents, siblings, and nephews. It was always a family tradition that the whole gang goes on a trip somewhere during Christmas but because everyone was so busy this 2017, we decided to just stay home this Christmas. It is our first Christmas at home in over 10 years.

As for relationships, I have luckily met someone mid 2017 and I hope we will be able to further grow the relationship and build a stronger foundation. This coming year (and for many years to come) I hope to further get to know and learn more about Gilaine.


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