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The Lobby, The Peninsula Manila

The Lobby at Makati's iconic Peninsula Manila is a classic. The elegant design and the history of the place make it the quintessential venue for fancy get togethers, important meetings, and other special occasions. The Lobby at "The Pen" is a large elegant space adorned with palm trees and sweeping staircases with food and drink service at the center surrounded by seating areas for lounging or dining. Beautiful live music plays throughout the lobby to top off the sophisticated ambiance and attentive staff are always present to be of service to customers. One of The Lobby's more popular offerings is the iconic afternoon tea service which visitors have been enjoying for years. It's the perfect venue for tea with your girlfriends or a casual afternoon date with a loved one.


The Lobby

The Lobby menu offers international cuisine available 24 hours daily. If you wish to check out their Menu, please click here.


Afternoon Tea Buffet

Available Fridays to Sundays

Php 2,100 net/person

If you want a wide variety of Filipino merienda offerings, the afternoon buffet is a definite must-try. Have your fill with Filipino favorites such as pancit luglug, sisig, seafood kare-kare, tsokolate, and a host of other delicious local delicacies.


Afternoon Tea Set

Available Daily


The Peninsula Manila has been serving their tea sets for decades and has always been one of the sought after afternoon tea spots in Manila. They always change the themes to their tea sets so prices may vary.


The Lobby

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