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Random act of Kindness

While driving on Concha Cruz Drive in Las Pinas I chanced upon a tricycle driver who stopped to give a handicapped man in a wheelchair a lift by letting him hang on and tow him to where he needed to go. A simple gesture of goodwill on the tricycle driver's part that surely made a large impact on the the disabled man's day.

Sometimes one's simple act of kindness can be very meaningful to someone else. These small acts can have a great impact on people and even make a positive change to the world. A show of kindness, no matter how small, is never wasted.

Being kind to others doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s the little things that you can do that can bring positivity to people around you. Sometimes, the simple things are indeed the most beautiful.


Give someone a compliment

A compliment can brighten someone’s day in an instant.

Write a good comment on someone’s social media page

Some people feed off of negativity on social media and it’s quick to become a breeding ground for gossip and pessimism. Why be that person when you can be one of those who instead spreads positivity to people online? You don’t want to be a troll right? Trolls are ugly!

Reach out to a friend who may need someone to talk to or someone you haven’t talked to in a while

It’s nice when someone appreciates and thinks of you.

Hold the door open for others

It’s so simple yet always greatly appreciated.

Always say thank you to people

Whether it’s the driver, waiter, helper, saleslady, or anybody else who’s helped you.

Purchase a meal for a less-fortunate or homeless person

Some people don’t get to eat 3 or more times a day like you do.

Hug your parents

Sometimes people become so preoccupied with life that they fail to realize that time goes by so fast, and with one snap of their fingers their parents are old.

Be kind to stray animals

It’s not just your pets who need some loving, stray animals need some loving too!

Give someone the benefit of the doubt

Don’t be too quick to judge people. You’ll never know what a person is going through.

Stop and let a pedestrian cross

Again, such a simple thing but greatly appreciated.

Say or do something nice and unexpected for your spouse and kids

Do something special that your significant other or kids will appreciate. A friend of mine who is a very busy working mom, never fails to make cute bento boxes for her daughter every day for school.

Be a good listener

Really listening to what people have to say or share is sometimes more important than what you have to say yourself. Sometimes people just need to get something off their chest and being a person they can talk to is all they need.

Pay it forward

Doing something from the goodness of your own heart means not expecting anything in return.


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