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Ayoko ng Plastik

The use of plastics in household products and consumer goods has long been a cause of concern in terms of environmental pollution due to them being non-biodegradable. Plastic bags, straws, containers and other plastic waste products are often seen carelessly discarded in rivers, sewers, the ocean and landfills all over the world. All these discarded waste wreak havoc on our environment by clogging up sewers and causing floods, killing sea animals after they get entangled or ingest plastics, or worst, having harmful chemicals leeching off into our bodies causing very harmful side effects. BPA or Bisphenol A which is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics has been a cause of concern with links to carcinogenic properties as well as negative hormonal effects it can have on men and women. The chemical is said to leech and be released once the plastic products are exposed to heat, which makes the components in single-use coffee cups and water bottles potentially harmful to the body.

We can avoid these harmful effects as well as minimize our negative impact on pollution by using reusable and environmentally-friendly items in exchange for single-use and unnecessary plastics. With products such as BPA-free drink containers, eco-bags, bamboo straws and other eco-conscious products, we can get closer to being waste-free and less dependent on excessive use of plastic. Although it may seem minimal, if more and more individuals see the importance of eliminating non-biodegradable plastic waste and practice more environmentally-conscious habits, the impact of this would surely be widely felt and seen in our communities.

These are some personal and household products that can help reduce environmental pollution when coupled with an Eco-conscious mindset and lifestyle. Having a reusable, BPA-free kit on-hand is a simple yet impactful way to care for yourself and our environment and would positively influence generations to come.


The Good Store

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