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Before the pandemic hit the Philippines, the popular area of Poblacion in Makati was a bustling center of youth culture due largely to the many interesting pubs, bars, restaurants and coffee shops in the area that were often frequented by a mix of the after-work crowd, students, travellers, and young professionals.

Fast forward to present day, Poblacion, similar to the rest of the world is just beginning to gather itself from the way the world has changed over the past few years. One place that diners can visit that still holds on to Poblacion's funner days is WYP, an Instagrammable neon tiki-bar found in quiet and unassuming Manalac Street.

An acronym for "What's Your Poison?", WYP features eye-catching aesthetics and interiors along with a well-curated food and beverage menu and signature cocktail line up perfect for a sit down casual drink and dine session, totally reminiscent of the area, pre-covid.

Although Poblacion is currently far from what is used to be, it's nice that there are still remnants of that hip vibe and energy that made the area so popular not-so-long ago.

Inside WYP

This restaurant bar by UNWND Lux Hostel is cool for its decor and ambiance that features bright neon lights and a fusion of fun interiors. It maintains the classic Poblacion speakeasy feels.


Food & Drinks

WYP has a great selection of food and drinks and all are served with flair. They also have a Grill and Grab menu where you can order some of WYP dishes to go. Always check out their social media pages for their lunch menus and happy hour specials. Check out their menu here.


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Thursday & Sunday 4:00 PM- 1:00 AM

Friday & Saturday 5:00 PM - 2:00 AM

0927 055 7597

6236 Manalac St.Poblacion,Makati


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