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Advice to the younger generation

One of the perks of getting older is the wisdom we acquire over the years. As we conquer life's many trials, we all become veterans, ready to face any challenge head on. Just like playing a video game, eventually you get good at it, and you just keep leveling up. In life, and in video games, the ones who have the most experience points are the ones who have played the game longer.

As we grow wiser over the years, we naturally pass on our experiences to younger people, be it a family recipe, funny personal stories, or our very own secrets to true happiness. Golden pieces of advice coming from those who have already realized what things matter most in life, meant to steer the younger generation through the noisiness of youth. Who best to take guidance from than from those who hold the key to wisdom.

We asked some members of the older generation to share their advice, tricks of the trade, and cheat codes to life, with players who are new to the game.


Cathy Tillah, Early Senior

Wife, Mother and Church servant

Whatever you do, put God first for He is the beginning and the end of our existence. Pursue your dreams and aim for true happiness in every relationship you have by bringing out the best in every person. Make the most out of today for it is a gift, that is why it is the present; yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. God bless you in your journey!